• MICHEL ADAM LISOWSKI is the founder and chairman of FashionTV.
  • He founded FashionTV to create a global fashion platform that focuses on fashion, luxury, and beauty.
  • He is known as the ‘FASHION MAESTRO’ for his remarkable contribution to the vogue, luxury, and lifestyle industry around the globe.
  • It has never been attempted before platform in India on a scale that is hard to match.
  • He wishes to give the young, talented and ambitious aspirants from India an opportunity to understand the world of global chef-d'oeuvre fashion and bring them up to speed in this incredible vocation.
  • He believes in embracing this and our labour of love with the best intentions, and he looks forward to welcoming you on board.


Work Experience

  • He started a textile business in Thailand called "Eden Group". In 1997, he established FashionTV, an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel in France.
  • Currently, he is the Chairman of FashionTV further, being a brilliant entrepreneur running and supporting several businesses in various fields across the globe.

Awards and Achievements

  • A precocious student initially granted a scholarship for Mathematics at Princeton University turned out to be a brilliant businessman, recognised globally for his phenomenal media creation, FashionTV.
  • Along with this exclusive channel, he also went on to invest in successful real estates projects such as a love-f-cafe in several cities in Europe with numerous nightclubs and restaurants, making them one of the most popular spots for meetings and events in the fashion community.


  • With FashionTV, Michel Adam Lisowski is committed to building partnerships that propel affiliates towards success.
  • Michel Adam Lisowski's entrepreneurial mindset makes him think beyond, and he is always interested in taking fashion and the brand to greater heights.
  • He is keenly aware of the potential and reach of FTV in India, and therefore, the brand is introducing various LUXURIOUS FTV Initiatives in the world’s second most populated country.