Fashiontv India
  • Is an exclusive initiative that welcomes industry experts, leaders, established artists, pioneers, veteran designers, and trendsetters from professional backgrounds.
  • The purpose is to recognise emerging talent, future supermodels, designers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and influencers. In addition, industry professionals will give direction, analysis, and assistance.
  • This programme will serve as a bridge between budding artists and eminent figures. It will operate as India's largest forum for giving back not just to rising talents but also to industry luminaries. The Professional artist will be felicitated with an award
  • For their generous contribution to the industry and nation whilst influencing so many nascent artists.
  • GiveBack is not just a word; it is a sentiment which will foster future artists with nation-renowned personalities. knowledge can increase by sharing, which is the first step towards humanity and wisdom. India is a rapidly growing economy with an enriching standard of living, and numerous talents that require guidance will change their lives.

  • The focus areas have been models, designers, photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and influencers. A direction for all the budding artists where the energy can be diverted to more significant areas.
  • The focal point of curating an initiative where aspiring talents will delineate to inculcate excellence. To guide the amateur it is essential to reach the level of artistry.
  • The cynosure will be delivered to the focused artists for blooming the expertise. Creating an environment where growth can occur is an aspect of extensive success. The resemblance of talent and artistry will give rise to supervision that integrates the future.
  • Models
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Fashion stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Hairstylists
  • Influencers
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The main objective of this initiative is to eradicate hunger from India and within a short span of a month, we have already managed to nourish thousands of starved stomachs by providing them with wholesome homestyle meals each day. And, with the promise of good food, the growth of India along with its inhabitants accelerates multifold.


Bhookanth aims to turn a simple philanthropic deed into a nationwide moment to make India hunger-free.

With the help of donors and volunteers along with our commitment and vigour, we are moving a step closer to our goal each day. And we now request you to join this noble movement to put an end to bhook once and for all. Make an immediate impact by contributing to Bhookanth. Financial contributions help us increase our outreach and go to the unreached pockets in the country. Your donation will directly go toward the area of greatest need, that is food.

Bhookanth Image
Bhookanth Image

Bhookant : Bhook ka the end

  • Our mission is to feed 10,000 starved stomachs every day.
  • Join this noble movement to put an end to bhook once and for all.
  • Mission: We aspire to feed 10,000 starved stomachs every day.
  • Initiated: This movement was initiated on 13th April 2022.
  • To date: We have fed 2161 hungry people.
  • Today: We managed to nourish 150 people in need of a meal.
Bhookanth Image