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  • FashionTV is an international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. It was established in France in 1997 by its president Michel Adam Lisowski, a widely distributed satellite channel in the world with 31 satellites and 2,000 cable systems.
  • As of 2022, it has 400 million views all over the world. FashionTV is a multi-media platform offering a review of global fashion and is independently owned and operated from the headquarters in Paris, London and Vienna.


  • Since its advent in 1997, FashionTV setting thehighest benchmarks for eminence in fashion and lifestyle broadcasting.
  • The only TV coequal to fashion print media appealing to everyone investing in fashion, style, beauty and trends.
  • FashionTV comprehends and caters to its viewers by delivering legitimate, unprejudiced and edifying programming unavailable on other grids.
  • A strong image and superior awareness of FashionTV’s brand projects a unique, sophisticated and modern style entitling to influential partnerships with many global brands.


To make FashionTV the leading brand by outspreading with exceptional growth and expansion plans globally.

Establish FashionTV as the global entity to refine lifestyles through synergy, hard work and ingenuity.

To become an international torchbearer through numerous plans in the pipeline and accentuate the fashion lingo in India and the globe.

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